A Crayola Party!

Emma’s birthday is at the beginning of January, which means I have to start planning it and get invitations out before Christmas. I know that the holidays get so busy and I’m afraid her birthday will get passed by without much effort because we are so tired of the effort put into the holidays. So, this year I decided to get planning back in November.

Emma loves to color, paint, play play doh, and anything else that involves being creative. So when it came time to start thinking about her birthday party, Crayola seemed to be an obvious choice.

Anyone that knows me knows that I always did better in PE than Art class, which means I had to find help getting creative. So I turned to Pinterest.

Once I started looking for ideas, I realized there are a lot of really cute and fun Crayola party ideas out there. I looked through a bunch and had to figure out what I was going to make (read as “this is easy enough for a 2 year old to do, so I couldn’t mess it up”) and what I was going to buy.

First thing that needed to get out before anything, invitations. Below are a bunch of ideas and things I saw:

But then I found this blog that made a crayon: Crayon Invitation. So I made this:Emma’s 2nd birthday invite.

I made it using the shapes and text box in Word. I posted the blue one but I’m happy to send the other colors if you are having trouble changing the colors. I colored the text box a lighter shade gradient to A) act as the crayon wrapper and B) make it easier for the words to show up :) Helpful hint: I printed on cardstock. (I’m not posting my own pictures of them as our address and information is on them.)

The next thing I thought about was Thank you notes. I wanted them to go with the invitations. The first thing I did was change the text in my text box in the Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow crayon invitations to say Thank You Love Emma. Then, I selected all the shapes that comprise my “Crayon” and copied it. I pasted it as a picture in a different Word document. Once it is pasted as a picture it makes it much easier to change the size. I pasted each small Crayon in a text box (I left the borders on so I could have lines to use to cut out the appropriate size). Here is the Word template: Emma’s 2nd birthday thank you. Helpful Hint: Once again, I printed on cardstock. Once I cut them out, I glued them onto different colored squares of construction paper. Here’s a picture: 

Thank you (final)

Next came favors. Being the least crafty person you could meet, I went to Michael’s and Target. I found “aprons” that I used as smocks and wrote each child’s name on it using glitter glue. I also found craft buckets at Target and filled them with finger paint, crayons, markers, and glitter glue (the last 2 were for the older kids). These favors played double duty for me because I put out a bunch of colors of construction paper and foam shapes and the kids used their party favors as their party activities. 

Next, decorations.  I found a bunch of cute things to make but I had to be realistic, so I bought most of them. I found little pails in red, blue, green, and yellow that I used for eating utensils and a balloon weight. We had balloons with Emma’s name on them.  I bought plates in all the colors of the rainbow and napkins too. I DID make a crayon wreath. I found how to do it here. There were a ton of ideas out there. I had to pick a few and go with what I had the time (and ability) to make. 

Lastly, food. Emma wanted pizza and cupcakes. The pizza came from Costco (Costco and it’s wonderfulness will have to be a separate post). The cupcakes came from Sam’s Club and the cupcake topper was a Crayon box ring. 

The rest of the food was the colors of the rainbow. 

We are so thankful to our family and our family of friends for making Emma’s birthday so special!

Here are the pictures Tim took of the party. 

Emma's Second Birthday
Emma's Second BirthdayJan 19, 2013Photos: 17